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  • Freshman/New Student: "I am a new college student. I have never attended college before, but I may have taken credits in high school. I am not an F-1 international applicant."
  • High School Student: "I am a high school student interested in taking college credit classes while still in high school."
  • Returning Student: "I am a student returning to MCC after previous enrollment. I have not been a student at MCC for two years. I am not an international student."
  • Transfer Student: " I have previously attended another college and plan to seek a degree from MCC. I may or may not have credits that will transfer to MCC."
  • Visiting Student: “I am not seeking a degree from MCC and plan to take one or more courses."
  • International Student: "I am a current or prospective F-1 student who would like to study in the United States."
  • GED Student: "I am a student interested in improving my skills and working toward my GED."
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